Thursday has been my favorite day for many years. I know - it's kind of an odd day to be one's "favorite day of the week", but it's mine! I guess Friday is most people's favorite day and I LOVE Fridays, but I guess it's just an understood fact that everyone loves Fridays. One thing that makes Thursday so great is that you know and can tell yourself "Tomorrow is Friday"! It's so nice to get through a Thursday and appreciate that the weekend is ahead.

These days, Thursday is "grocery list making night" at our house - does it get any more exciting?? I honestly do get excited about stuff like that. We buy our groceries every Friday night (which you can read about here). That being said, the list must be made on Thursday night. We do keep a running list on the refrigerator, but I take that list and then do a check through the house and kitchen to see what else we need to add to the list. Then, being the obsessive person that am, I take everything and write it out on a categorized list (which I created in Excel and printed copies). It makes shopping so much easier because you have all the items you need to buy organized by the various sections of the store - meat, dairy, produce, canned goods, snacks and so on - it eliminates the back and forth through the store. Oh goodness - I need help!! The OCD madness never ends. I'm a coupon clipper as well so once I have the list finalized, I look through the store ads and all my coupons to see what I will be able to save on.

Thursday nights we also watch our two favorite shows...

The Office and Parks & Recreation - hillarious comedies that we look forward to watching every Thursday night. Side note - one of our all-time favorites "FRIENDS" was on Thursday nights as well - remember "Must See TV"? Back to present time, I hear so many people that love "The Office" and so many others say they just don't get it, but to each their own. "Parks & Recreation" is just in it's second season, but we were glad to hear that it has been renewed for another season. It was labeled as "one of the best shows on TV that no one's watching". We really enjoy it and laugh so much every week. Sadly, tonight is season finale night so we will say goodbye until the fall.

Here's wishing you a Happy Friday Eve - ready for the weekend!
Until we meet again,


  1. Austin's mom loves Thursdays too, so every Thursday I think of the two of you. I have been doing that for a long time! :)


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