19 Weeks

I am: 19 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Size of an heirloom tomato ~ about 8 1/2 ounces
Total Weight Gained: 2 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I have a nice little maternity clothes section in my closet. I am wearing maternity jeans and top in this picture.
Gender: It's a BOY! You can read more here.
Name: Parker Holt
Movement: No real movement yet, but I feel very slight twinges here and there. Movement can happen as early as the 16th week and as late as the 21st week.
Sleep: I haven't slept the best this week. It's not that I'm NOT sleeping at all, I'm just really restless and having trouble getting comfortable - lots of tossing and turning. Plus I tend to sleep the majority of the time on my back and I am now sleeping on my side which is an adjustment. But I do get some sleep and I hate to complain with how easy I've had it so far.

What I Miss: How about sleep? Haha! And I can't wait to have a caesar salad - oh yum!
Cravings: No cravings yet
How I'm Feeling: Except for the sleep struggles, I'm feeling really good!
Best Moment last Week: Finding out we were having a boy! It was an exciting day and has been so much fun since. It seems much more real now knowing what we are having. We can now call him by name and our minds have shifted to all boy thoughts and preparations and dreaming about memories to make with our little boy. We also celebrated this week by buying him a few cute outfits to hang in his closet and put in his dresser. I know there are many more to come so we tried to not to go too crazy, but it's so hard!! Some of these outfits will be for the first few months of his life and some will come later next year.
As I mentioned last week, I'm going to start reading Parker a book every week. This will be a good way to connect and around this time in the pregnancy, the baby can start to hear your voice from the womb - amazing. Here's the book I'm going to read him this week. This is actually a Golden Book I had given John as a gift in August 2006 so now I'm going to share it with our sweet boy!Have a great week!
Until we meet again...