Monday, March 26, 2012

One Month Old

Parker Holt, you are one month old!

You went from this tiny new babe in the hospital...
To this one month old...
Mommy is going to take your picture in this same chair each month so we can watch how you grow.

You will be weighed this Wednesday, but the last time you were weighed (2 weeks ago) you weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces. I know you will be well over 7 pounds and closer to 8 pounds when you are weighed this week. You dropped to 6 lbs 3 oz when we left the hospital and you are slowly working your way back up. Mommy is doing her best to breastfeed you and provide you with the very best, but there have been some issues with my production so while I'm working on getting that up to where it needs to be, we are having to supplement with a bit of formula. Since we have started this, you are gaining more weight, sleeping better and seem much more content. We will see how this plays out, but we are taking it one day at a time and trying our very best to make sure you are well fed and getting what you need. It's been very hard for Mommy and I've struggled with various emotions, but I'm feeling a lot better. Your Daddy has been super supportive and helpful through it all.

You are eating every 2-3 hours and sometimes go longer depending on how you are sleeping at the time. We don't really have a feeding schedule in place, I just tend to know when you are ready or might be getting ready to eat. Like I mentioned above, you are starting to sleep more and sleep better with your belly full, but again we don't really have a sleep schedule in place either - it's still a little different each day. Hopefully we will get somewhat of a daily routine in place soon. Luckily, I can be flexible with your eating and sleeping patterns since I'm a stay at home Mommy... which I am so grateful for!

At your last appointment you had grown 3/4" to 21", but that was almost 3 weeks ago so I know you are already longer by now.

You are still in newborn diapers, but we may move to size 1 any day now. You are wearing mostly newborn and 0-3 month clothes. At first you loved being swaddled, but we haven't done it much lately because you tend to kick your way out. For the most part, you really enjoy the swing, but there have been a few times you prefer not to be in there, but that hasn't happened too often.

We recently started "tummy time" and laying on and playing in the floor. Hopefully we can do that once or twice a day to help your development and have some fun. It's also time we start reading books to you. The first few weeks we were in a time of transition and lots of change so we were in survivial mode, plus struggling with the feeding issues. That being said, we didn't do much other than just take care of you morning, noon and night.

You haven't had a real bath (submerged in water) yet, but that will change tonight. Until now, we've been giving you sponge baths.

You traveled for the first time last week. We drove to Grandma and Grandad's in Mount Vernon, Arkansas. Daddy had to work there for the week so we went along and spent the week with your grandparents. You did VERY well in the car. We were very nervous about taking such a long trip with you only being 3 weeks old, but you were awesome. We hope that's how you will always do because we love to travel and visit family and friends when we can. We had a really nice week in Arkansas!

You are so bright-eyed and have the cutest expressions. I know you are on the brink of smiling for us. You are also very strong for as small as you are. We are amazed!

You have met all of your grandparents and they all love and adore you so much. We are anxious for the relationship and memories you will have with them.
Here are a few pictures from the past month.

And hands down the funniest picture of you thus far...
Mommy was resting you on her leg and when I went to take your picture, I got this hilarious look from you. Oh how I wish I knew what you were thinking!!

You have met several other family members, friends and church members. You are loved and adored by many!

Parker, we love you so much! You have brough so much joy to our lives and we are very blessed to be your Mommy and Daddy. We look forward to seeing what the coming months will hold.

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still Here ~ Almost 3 Weeks In

Hello blog readers. Yes, I am still alive and well! I have just been taking care of my precious baby boy and transitioning into our new chapter of life. There have been lots of ups and downs and many changes and adjustments, but all so wonderful. It's still so hard to believe that we have a son. We are taking it one day at a time and still finding our way as new parents, but it's such a blessing.

John and I have only grown closer through this and I wasn't sure that was possible. We are making a great team and really depend on each other with this new phase of our life together. John went back to work on Monday after two weeks off. I'm so thankful that he works from home so while he's not as readily available to help as he has been the past two weeks, he does whatever he possibly can to help me throughout the day and I'm deeply grateful. We are excited about the fun life ahead of us with our little boy. Last night, Parker was taking an evening nap so after dinner we were able to do a short marriage devotional and pray together - made my day!

I can't believe that a week from Thursday our sweet P will be 3 weeks old and before we know it, a whole month old! On his monthly birthdays, I plan to take a picture of him on the 23rd of each month in the same location so we can see how he grows and changes from month to month and over the course of his first year of life. I also plan to share his current measurements (if possible), updates, milestones, changes, diaper and clothes sizes, likes/dislikes, new things he experienced that month and other such things on his monthly posts so we can also see how that changes from month to month.

We've taken several pictures from day to day, but then sometimes we just get caught up in life and taking care of him that we forget to snap some pictures.

Here are a few for now...

Such a handsome boy with his big, bright blue eyes. His hair is two different colors, hah! In some light it is a light brown and it another light it's blonde. I'm sure it will change, but maybe he'll be a little blondie like Mommy. We are just surprised at how much hair he actually has.

Is there anything better than napping with a sleeping baby? Daddy was happy to do it!
Saturday evening, after I fed Parker, he sacked out on my Boppy pillow so I just wiggled my way out of it and left him laying on it in the big chair in the living room. We covered him up and he slept like that for 2 hours. We took advantage and played a game and had ice cream sundaes.
And we haven't forgotten about our first born, Mr. Calvin! He still seems to be doing fine with all of this, but we are trying to give him a lot of love and attention. Plus he still has his spot in bed with us.

We are taking our first trip with Parker next week, leaving this weekend, and we'll be gone all of next week. John has to work for a week in Arkansas and rather than Parker and me be alone for all of that time, we are tagging along and will hang out with Grandma and Grandad during the day and all spend time together in the evenings. I've already made a list and have started the gathering and pile building for our trip. It should be quite an adventure, but we are looking forward to it. I'm thankful to be able to go and not have to be away from John, plus have the extra help for the week.

If I don't get a chance to post in the next week or so, I will be back sometime after March 23rd with Parker's "One Month" post and more pictures.

Until we meet again...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Parker's Blog Debut

With Parker already one week old, insert WOW here, I thought it was high time I get a few pictures of our adorable little guy on the blog. We've obviously taken tons of pictures over the last several days, but I wanted to share just a few for now. We are still adjusting and trying to get a handle on things, so my time is limited, but we are doing well! We are trying to take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute of it.

Just a quick recap as to how it all happened a week ago...

I went into labor early on Thursday morning. My contractions started getting stronger and closer together after midnight last Wednesday night. I couldn't take it anymore and decided to wake John up about 4:30am. We weren't sure how close I was, so we decided to go ahead and go to the hospital to get checked out. Once we arrived at the hospital, about 6ish Thursday morning, the nurses hooked me up to the monitors and watched me for over an hour. After that hour or so, it was determined that it was time and I was admitted and put in a delivery room around 9ish. Luckily we took all of our bags to the hospital just in case. I was settled in my room by about 9:30am and Parker was born at 6:02pm. While labor and delivery wasn't comfortable, pain-free and fun, it was a wonderful, beautiful experience and I tried to remain as calm as I could through it all. The day couldn't have gone any better ~ so many blessings!

The happy couple ready to meet their son...And here he is...our sweet Parker!

Parker's first picture with his Daddy!

Awesome Dr. Potter ~ we are so thankful she was able to deliver Parker.
Our new little family ready to go home (please excuse my appearance - I just had a baby, hah!)
Parker's first ride in his car seat.
On Monday, we had our first pediatrician appointment. Daddy ready to take Parker in for his check-up.
Big brother Calvin seems to be adjusting well. We can't really tell what he thinks yet. It may take a little while or it may set in once Parker is bigger and more visable. Luckily though, he's acted pretty normal thus far and hasn't changed his behavior - such a sweet dog.
Hanging out with Dad, their time together has only just begun...
When I took my "39 Weeks" picture and posted it on the blog, I said that I wondered if it would be my last pregnant picture and sure it enough it was. So here I am at 39 Weeks...And here I am at 40 Weeks...

I'm so thankful and thrilled to be this little boy's Mommy!

Like I mentioned, we are in a time of transition and making lots of adjustments, but one step at a time we will get there. That being said though, I may be a little absent from the blog world until I get a better handle on our new life and new normal. I will try to post updates as I can. I hope to get into a routine of at least posting pictures and updates once a week...more if things are really going well, but we shall see. As anxious as I am to keep the blog updated, I have to get a handle on being a Mommy first. In time!

Before I close, have I mentioned how amazing my husband is?? Pardon me and let me praise him and thank him. John, as usual, has been a-m-a-z-i-n-g! He was so wonderful, encouraging, calm and supportive on delivery day and he's been awesome this past week. While I've been focused on Parker, he's done SO much for me and our home so that I haven't had to worry about it. You name it, he's taken care of it. He's also been making sure that I'm taking care of myself - eating right and sleeping as I can. Not only has he done so many things around the house and run errands, he's been so emotionally supportive and encouraging to me while we are in this season of change. It's a lot to take on and many adjustments happening all at once, so he's kept me sane and I'd be lost without him. Thanks a million, my love! Parker and I are so lucky and blessed by you.

I guess I shall wrap it up for now. Parker's sleeping as I type this, but it won't be long before he's awake and ready to eat. Stay tuned to the blog for pictures and updates as we have time.

Until we meet again...