Bed Head & Sick Days

Our little Parker Boy has been under the weather this week.  He was pretty fussy on Tuesday while we were out buying groceries and just not himself so we knew something was going on.  Later in the day, his nose started running a little bit and by Wednesday morning was showing all the signs of a full blown cold - low grade fever, extremely runny nose, cough and congestion - boo!  He's also improved so much with his eating and sleeping and those have taken a setback over the past few days due to all of this...poor guy!

Yesterday I put him down for an afternoon nap and after about 45 minutes, he was awake and needing his Mommy (or at least that's what I think).  So I went in to get him, but sat down in his room and rocked him for a while because he was clingy and snuggly and he fell back asleep.  I decided to let him sleep while I held him in our "big, soft chair" (that's from one of our books).  He ended up sleeping for almost another hour and a half.  I watched tv, looked through some recipes and enjoyed my special snuggle time with my little boy.  I know these days will go by so fast...they already are.

When Parker woke up, he has some messy, sweaty hair - bed head. It was way more wild in person than these pictures show but he was still oh so cute.  I don't think he was too thrilled with having his picture taken.

With these sick days this week, there have been lots of pajama days. Except for going to the store and running a couple of errands on Tuesday (before he started feeling bad), we've stayed home and taken it easy.

Parker and Daddy reading the train book - or as Parker calls it "guga" (for those of you that don't speak PARKER, the interpretation is "chuga" as in "chuga chuga choo choo").  When we say the word "train" whether it's in a book or on tv, Parker always says "guga".  Or he will point to his book or his little wind up train and say "guga" - precious. 
His adorable faces.  We love all of his facial expressions - just part of his sweet personality.  He is still doing the "Funny Face", but his newest face is the bottom picture where he pulls his lower lip up over his upper lip. It's usually more distinct, but you get the idea.  It's hilarious. 

These pictures were taken pre-cold before we went to the store Tuesday morning.  He's having a little playtime before our shopping trip.  He wore his new squeaker shoes from Grandma and Grandad.  They are fun!

These pictures are hot of the presses from this morning.  For being a sick boy, he's sure been happy for the most part. He's a tad more clingy and fussy, but still happy and playful.  It's another pajama day for Parker.  He's actually wearing a pj top, but like a lot of things, the pants are too big so he's wearing some drawstring pants.  The matching pajama pants are perfect in length, but since he needs some meat around his waist, they fall off.  His shirt says "I'm a BLAST" and the pants have all sorts of outer space pictures like rockets, planets and astronauts.   

One of Parker's daily rituals is looking out the front window - he loves to look outside several times a day.  He especially loves it when dogs, cars or people walking go by. He loves looking out the back door also - especially when Calvin goes out.

This picture is priceless.  Parker really enjoys playing in the entry way/dining room area for many reasons, but we've tried to teach him several of the "no no" areas and he does really well - such a good boy.  However, this morning, he went beside the buffet table and started pulling on the table runner that's on top of it with several decor pieces set on it.  I was in there with him, but didn't see him pulling on it, so when I went over and said "Oh Parker, what are you doing little buddy?", this is the face I got.
He then smiled and took off running - he is a blast.

Have a great weekend - hopefully Parker will get well soon.  But I'd better go for now, my patient is calling.

Until we meet again...