Monday, June 24, 2013


As of Sunday, Parker was 16 months old - the boy is growing ever so fast.  We've heard people say that you don't realize how fast time goes until you have children and watch how quickly they grow and change - those people were right.  I so vividly remember the day we were driving to the hospital to have him.  Now our baby boy is a walking, talking ball of energy, fun and playfulness.  He's grown up so much in these past few months - really becoming more and more like a little boy and leaving those baby days behind.  He's so happy and cute...and so curious about the world around him.

Speaking of growing, back in April, John planted his vegetable garden for the year - corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, okra and watermelon.  He's made it a custom to take Parker outside everyday or every other day to check on the garden.  It'll be really neat when Parker can help with the planting, care and harvesting.  Nevertheless, when John says "garden" Parker stretches out his arms and knows exactly where they are going - outside. 

We've been fortunate in that we've gotten a good amount rain here and there over the last few weeks so we haven't had to water the garden much, but we've hit a dry spell and the produce needed a drink.  Tonight, Parker and Daddy spent some time outside in the garden and watered it by hand for a while and then set up the sprinkler to run during Parker's bath time.

We let Parker run around barefoot for a few minutes before his bath and he had a ball.  Forget Disneyland, the "happiest place on Earth" for the P-Man is outside!  Nothing says summer like a little boy barefoot in the grass.     

Before we know it, it'll be August and our growing boy will be 1 1/2 years old - time, please stand still!

Until we meet again,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013 & Playtime Fun

This is a "two for the price of one" deal -  a few Father's Day pictures and various pictures of Parker playing around the house in his pajamas.

First up - Father's Day!

I made John one of his favorite breakfasts to enjoy before church - chocolate chip scones. These hadn't been cut yet, but I asked John to pose with his morning treat. 
We didn't have time to get any pictures before church so we snapped a few once we got home.

Daddy and Parker in his "Team Daddy" outfit.  Parker is holding his hands out to show "this much".  I asked him "How much do Daddy and I love you?" and he ALWAYS answers with arms spread wide to say "this much".
A couple of pictures outside - Parker's favorite place to be!

After lunch, it was card and present time!  John got a couple of cards in the mail from our parents.  It was so nice of them to remember him on this special day.  Parker and I each got him a card, plus we made him a homedmade crayon card.  We also got him some new bungee cords (oh the excitement), his favorite cologne and we made him a handprint canvas.  Making the canvas was quite a task - a combination of a silly, active one year old boy, wet paint and trying to remain was interesting, but we got it done and it turned out pretty good overall! Parker was a happy helper - assisting Daddy with his cards and gifts.  

These aren't pajama pictures, but they were a few I took the other day. Parker's two current favorite household items are a cookie sheet and jumbo tongs - especially the tongs. It is a mystery the fascination with them, but he carries them around throughout the day.  The boy is like his Mama - very easily entertained.

Now to a few cute pajama pictures.  Parker is obviously beyond adorable, but he exudes cuteness the most when he is in his pjs!  I keep thinking I want to take a picture of him every morning so I can share how sweet he looks in all of his different pairs of fun pajamas.

After Parker wakes up, we usually have a little playtime and then we have breakfast.  After breakfast, it's right back to playtime and maybe some tv - one or two of his favorite shows...which he usualy keeps playing while keeping one eye out for his favorite characters.  I usually let him play around in his pajamas until mid-morning and then I get him dressed for the day.  It's such a fun time! (obviously mornings are different when we have places to go). 

These mornings of playfulness always remind me how thankful and lucky I am for the opportunity to stay at home with Parker everyday.  It's a blessing I don't want to take for granted because not many women today get to stay home with their babies. 

Pulling around his little puppy - he's just figure out how to pull some of his toys along.  He never could quite figure it all out, but one day it clicked.

Morning of playtime with toys and books...

Wait until you see him in his superhero pajamas - pure preciousness! I think he might wear his Batman or Spiderman pjs when he has his surgery early in the morning.  They will help him to be brave and strong!

Until we meet again...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Parker and I want to wish his Daddy a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

We will take a few pictures before church later this morning, but here is Parker and John last year on Father's Day (Parker was almost 4 months old).

Hugs in his pajamas before church...
After church in his "Daddy's Little Buddy" onesise...
Here's a recent picture for a year to year comparison...
As you well know by now, I love comparing various photos from year to year, but I digress - back to FATHER'S DAY!

John is THE BEST Daddy - or "Dada" or "Dadee" as Parker affectionately calls him.  I knew John would be such a great Dad before Parker was even born and he has exceeded my expectations.

I love and appreciate so many things about John as a Dad, but what I am most thankful for is how incredibly hands-on he is.  A lot of Dad's aren't, so I never want to take this for granted.  John is 100% involved and active in Parker's daily life - good, bad, easy and difficult.  He helps even after he has worked all day and doesn't leave it all to me because I am the "Mom".  What some men feel is "for the woman to take care of", John dives right in - not just because he's so helpful, but because he really wants to be involved with Parker.  Sure, we have our appropriate roles and responsibilities and each meet different needs for Parker, but John is ready and willing to do whatever Parker needs.

How hands-on is he with Parker?

  • Changes diapers - even the not so fun ones
  • Dresses him
  • Bathes him with me and then we do his nighttime routine getting him ready for bed
  • Prepares food, feeds him and encourages his eating
  • Rocks him to sleep at night and helps with naptime when he can
  • Loads the car with our things and gets him buckled into the car seat when we have places to go
  • Washes his dishes and toys that need a "bath"
  • Takes him outside (they check the mail together every day, blow bubbles, work on the vegetable garden and more)
  • Replaces toy batteries, puts things together and performs toy surgeries when necessary
  • Checks on him in the church nursery in between Sunday school and church
  • Reads him books and points things out in them
  • Plays and has all sorts of fun with him
  • Talks to him
  • Teaches him things
  • Gives him tons of attention, love and affections - lots of hugs and kisses
  • Takes weekend naps with him in the recliner
  • Prays for him
I know I am forgetting something, but the fact is, there are many examples.  These are just a few of the best ones and my favorite ones.

He also helps out so much around the house and will tend to Parker when he can to give me breaks or a chance to work on a few things that I need to take care of.

I know this is only the beginning of how active and involved John will be in Parker's life.  They are going to have so much fun and I cannot wait to see their father-son relationship blossom and grow in the years to come.

John - we have been through quite a lot together and especially in the last 16 months of our Parker Boy's life, but I am so thankful to have gone through it all with you.  I love being on this road through parenthood together - we are making a whole new set of memories.  You really are such a wonderful Dad.  It gives me such joy to watch you and Parker together and makes my heart feel so good.  I am so proud of you.  Parker and I are very blessed by you and we sure do love you!

Happy Father's Day - I hope you have a fantastic day!
Parker's Mommy